Wall Street Realities & Other Simulations

Wall Street Realities & Other Simulations

The Ochelli Effect 9-5=2017 Mike Swanson and Aaron Franz

Bulls and Bears and Trumpets , and Scares , Oh my? Market conditions influence the American landscape and are influenced by it. Where are we going? Are there signals that corrections are on the way? Mike Swanson explains a great deal about it in the first hour. And we never even got to the dread of Ken Burns upcoming Vietnam Debacle but there’s always another day for that. Wall Street Realities & Other Simulations


Aaron Franz returns for the second week in a row to twist the matrix with chuck and look at the overall communication breakdown that is escaped by seemingly no one.  Are people hearing anything that is being said? Are far too many of us caught up in the internal feedback loops of prejudice ? Is everything a simulation? The Truth Movement may be a movement but truth may have nothing to do with it. Ego is the caustic cocktail . Is Alternative Facts all the Alternative Media has to offer? Are YOU even bothering to read this , and if so , Is any of this getting through? Wall Street Realities & Other Simulations

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The Age of Transitions

Ochelli Effect 9-5-2017 Mike Swanson and Aaron Franz

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