Wages Against Ex Machina

The Ochelli Effect 1-15-2021 Roundtable

Wages Against Ex Machina

What is the state of the state? Who is paying for the Bio-Tech Vax disaster? Why is Ukraine buying medical stuff from China? B Pete co-hosted the Friday Night Open Mic once again. It seems like 2021 is going to just continue the trends of strange days we saw in 2020.

Mrs.O and Emir called in and we played a new disclaimer. Money is tight. There are only a few more days for Trump and his pals to steal stuff from the Whitehouse. Minimum wage debates may soon be settled by the domination of automation.

There aren’t enough vaccines for the true believers. Football sucks without a crowd. Drive-in Theaters are still not coming back. Is your flavor of corruption being served?


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Wages Against Ex Machina

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