VP Debate Preview Corona POTUS

The Ochelli Effect 10-7-2020 Ted Edmonson and Captain Tripps

VP Debate Preview Corona POTUS

Will the VP Debate mean anything? Is the head of the Covid19 task force leader the most boring white man one can imagine? Is Trump just roid-rage Tweeting? Far Left isn’t even Left of center. Trump is high. Will there be lethal consequences?

Are you going to accept the results of the 2020 Selection? How about the political futures of GOP candidates in other races? Fox News takes a piss. The Coronavirus News Network is what it is. Biden leads in the alleged polls. Corporatism still sucks.

Ted Edmonson and Captain Tripps both provided different views on all of this. We invite you to compare and contrast the remarkable differences in reality. Does any of this matter. Undecided voters are unicorns. Shall we dance?

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VP Debate Preview Corona POTUS

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