Violent Pseudo-Capitalism

The Ochelli Effect 4-17-2019 (No Guest)

It almost seems like a random sliver of prose would be the best show notes. There have been less LIVE shows on Wednesdays lately in order to allow the other shows on the network a stronger presence. You can’t ignore hump day forever.

On W Odin’s Day Chuck went solo without a script and ill-prepared due to domestic issues consuming time before he went LIVE. Microsoft, Frankie, and the rest of the universe seemed to be engaged in a conspiracy to prevent Chuck from doing the show. It may have made a great comedy video on YouTube but no one filmed it.

The rants went a bit sideways, The news was vaguely covered. The take on Notre Dame is not definitive but speaks to the multiple layers of agenda served by never allowing a spectacle of any kind to ever go to waste. Columbine is iconic but remains the hobby horse for the talking heads that do nothing but talk and debate about gun laws while ignoring the herd of elephants in every room of America’s house named violence.

Violent Pseudo-Capitalism


Only the aggressive prosper
The Anti-Christ crows for peace
On a War Footing for false profit

Debating guns and skipping The Disease
Breaking Laws and claiming order Chaotically
Discord, Disharmony and bad vibrations for all

Christian paranoia justifying hate
Safely tucked into blankets of fire
Collective Pyrophilia creeping controls

Vaguely distracting masses
Weapons guided missile range
Blasting news in the season

Of fertility…

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Violent Pseudo-Capitalism

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Violent Pseudo-Capitalism – The Ochelli Effect 4-17-2019 (No Guest)