Vietnam Lessons Unlearned Ever After

Ochelli Effect 10-10-2017 with Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

Hour 1 Mike Swanson , author of “The War State” continues to break down Ken Burns Vietnam Series with Chuck. Part 4 of the burns series brings itself to the third episode of The Ochelli Effect Break-Down. Mike continues to show what is being left out of what ignorant viewers may think is a definitive study of the Vietnam conflict. Vietnam Lessons Unlearned Ever After. Has any lesson been learned? The power of showing the safe conflict in the historical discussion?

Hour 2 JP Sottile takes Vietnam Lessons Unlearned Ever After , into another direction , focused on the military industrial complex of today. The silent wars , and will it take several decades to understand the lengths murder for profit businesses will go to , in order to feed the ever growing beast. Plus many other news stories and the concept of the conspiracy chaos loosed upon the internet by “Conspiracy Rubes”. Vegas and Other things to consider? Trump the grand false flag to rule them all?

Vietnam Lessons Unlearned Ever After

The Ochelli Effect 10-10-2017 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile


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Vietnam Lessons Unlearned Ever After