Victoria Secret Hepatitis T

The Ochelli Effect 7-26-2019 Chuck Solo

Today I heard about an alleged cure for Hepatitis C but this is no indication that there is a cure anywhere in sight for Hepatitis T. Yes I am speaking of Cult45 Syndrome or MAGA Al Qaeda Brain Dysphoria. It seems as though the zombie apocalypse has begun under the umbrella of the real T virus (TRUMP).

Pro-Trump GOP Madness, Jeffrey Epstein, Victoria’s Other Dirty Secret, QANON, and The Death Penalty all become topics on the News Round-up for the Ochelli Effect.

The Multi-Level Marketing Con Job of Donald J Trump and associates continued earlier in the week just because the establishment is what it is.

Chuck addressed some planned expansion for the network in coming months and reminded listeners that only a few days remain for them to e-mail and get on the Swag Bag list.

In a world gone mad, the blind man continues to seek sanity. Sometimes propaganda is not mentioned by others who have fallen under the establishment spell. We can break it all down together.

Victoria Secret Hepatitis T


Victoria Secret Hepatitis T

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Victoria Secret Hepatitis T – The Ochelli Effect 7-26-2019 Chuck Solo