Venting Monday Refusing Bleach

The Ochelli Effect 5-18-2020 Meria Heller and Regular Joe

Venting Monday Refusing Bleach

The Mouth That Roars blasts through the news of the moment with Chuck. The rules of FM friendly language do not apply to mom.

Jack Blood will be on Meria’s show again soon. Hell and High Water is a thing. Donald Trump Sucks and is allegedly taking his own Kool-aid.

Social distancing is not natural. Meria is back at the gym but might stop doing her show if Trump is re-selected in November. Chuck thinks she may hold a grudge at that time, thus assuring Thye Meria Heller Show continues for another decade.


Venting Monday Refusing Bleach – The Ochelli Effect 5-18-2020 Meria Heller and Regular Joe

In the second hour, Regular Joe and Captain Tripps go through the Regular Guy News.

Predictions, My Little Pony, and Project Blue Beam make it all come together. Do you like the arrows on the floor at your local store?

We caught up with the Newsvandal Rundown and got down with the clowns. Chuck E Cheese is pawning off its pizza on dumbass customers online.


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