Venezuela Distorted Scandals Unreported

The Ochelli Effect 4-5-2019 Albert Lanier

Venezuela Distorted Scandals Unreported

Veteran Journalist Albert Lanier returned to the show in an effort to assist Chuck with sorting through the sorted details of the current debacle in Venezuela. Albert gave us a bit of a refresher course in U/S. history pertaining to the Central and Southern American adventures of The Military Industrial Intelligence Complex along with their buddies in the diplomatic corps.

Is the battle to control resources all that drives the U.S. Interest train off its rails into South America? How is the propaganda game played in modern news media? What kind of Journalist is Albert Lanier? Is anyone else confused or dismayed by the alleged News of The World? Is operation Mocking Bird still in play? How did the old style diplomacy in Cuba work out?

Is the bottom line all that counts among corporate media machines?

In the second hour, Chuck asks for calls, gets none and runs with a few odd stories of the day about conspiracy culture that has no conspiracy and even less than zero culture. Plus, Resistance is futile, The Ochelli Borg will assimilate all useful life forms.

Venezuela Distorted Scandals Unreported

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Venezuela Distorted Scandals Unreported – The Ochelli Effect 4-5-2019 Albert Lanier