Vegas Vacation Gamble Shot

The Ochelli Effect 5-5-2021 Mike Swanson and Spent Kent

Vegas Vacation Gamble Shot

Well, if Wednesday wasn’t odd enough on The Ochelli Effect, mixing Swanson’s appearance with the shocking shot Spent Kent episode might be odder than most things we have done on Wednesdays.

Mike talks about the reality and the hype connected to the recovery in Vegas as the pandemic marches on. Chuck also talks with Mike about how everything from soda fountains to poker tables is feeling the weight of the covid chains the stifled business for more than a year.

Spent Kent is considering taking the shot. Why is this happening?

Chuck questions both hours and ends up going way over the normal time of the show.





Why The Vietnam War?: Nuclear Bombs and Nation Building in Southeast Asia, 1945-1961 By Michael Swanson

The War State: The Cold War Origins Of The Military-Industrial Complex And The Power Elite, 1945-1963

Associated Titles:

The Origins of the Roman Empire: The Roman Army and Political Power Kindle Edition
by Dennis Swanson (Author), Michael Swanson (Foreword)

Kindle Judyth Vary Baker: In Her Own Words by Walt Brown::

In Denial: Secret Wars with Air Strikes and Tanks?:



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Vegas Vacation Gamble Shot

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