Vanilla Sky Electric Horse Musk

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 4-22-2022

Vanilla Sky Electric Horse Musk

The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 4-22-2022

Vanilla Sky Electric Horse Musk

AOT #351

Life extension often becomes a forgotten transhumanist area of research, but the major investment is now happening in the field. Are billionaires putting their money down to attain eternal life?

Topics: desert house completion, Jeff Bezos, Altos Labs, life extension, biological reprogramming, cell rejuvenation, billionaire investors, converging technologies, Greenland Shark, Batman movies, Sunset Boulevard, film noir

UTP #261

Uncle works on his electric horse idea, which he plans on pitching to Elon Musk someday soon.

Topics include: Creative Accidents must call in, Middle Ages not a bad time to be alive, life extension, eternal life, religion, near-death experience, gas prices in Spain, Stanley Meyer’s water-fueled car, electric vehicles, recreational vehicles, riding a horse, Elon Musk, Amish, live-streaming video gaming, vintage games


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Vanilla Sky Electric Horse Musk

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