Valentine Bicycles Pitsburg Prophets

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle 2-14-2020 Jospeph L. Flatley

Valentine Bicycles Pitsburg Prophets

AoT #262

Journalist, author, and podcaster Josephy L Flatley returns to the show to talk about his latest audio documentary podcast series. The So-Called Prophet from Pittsburgh is about the GCCA, a group headed by a man who calls himself Gabriel of Urantia. Here, Joseph gets to talk about making his series as well as some serious psychological aspects of cult life.

topics include: Catatonic Youths, GCCA, podcasting, audio documentaries, cults, interviews with ex-members, conspiracy culture, mind control, Synanon, word salad, psychology, spiritual union, Soulistic Hospice, Occupy Wall Street, confusion, family, Gabriel of Urantia, Elders, internet marketing groups, poor quality websites, gurus search for victims, Sanskrit, Jonestown, dysfunctional relationships, family dynamics

Utp #169

Uncle and Aaron talk about Craigslist bikes that they bought in Corona. One may be too far gone for them to save.

topics include: So-Called Prophet from Pittsburgh, bicycle repair, mountain bikes, used bikes, BikemanforU, stuck seat post, steel frame, Univega, Specialized, desert, fat bikes, shipping containers, Port of Long Beach, cleaning barnacles off of boats, home life, work, Three Stooges, Ashkenazi Jews, odd jobs

Valentine Bicycles Pitsburg Prophets

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Valentine Bicycles Pitsburg Prophets – The Age of Transitions and Uncle 2-14-2020 Jospeph L. Flatley