USS Liberty Required Reading

The Ochelli Effect 2-15-2019 Joan Mellen

Welcome to a Friar’s Day in what was once America currently under another fake National Emergency.

Author Joan Mellen came on the show exactly 5 years after her first appearance when it was show number 1 for the LIVE Ochelli Effect on 2/15/2014. On that night we discussed Jim Garrison and The JFK Assassination. In 2019 hundreds of shows later, The topic was The attack on The USS Liberty in 1967 and a deeper dive into those bloody waters of betrayal that has been written about previously.

Blood in the Water: How the US and Israel Conspired to Ambush the USS Liberty, is the book Chuck says you need to read to fully absorb the despicable collusion between the US and Israeli governments to sacrifice sailors for hidden agendas.

The images in Doctor Mellen’s latest book are exceptional and of high illustrative value as well. During the discussion, Joan describes the process that ended with their inclusion and tells us a bit about what the government did not wish to allow her to have. What is the 303 committee? Who positioned the USS Liberty to be sacrificed? Why won’t the MSM even take the time to trash this book?

USS Liberty Required Reading




USS Liberty Required Reading

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USS Liberty Required Reading– The Ochelli Effect 2-15-2019 Joan Mellen