Unjustified Killing American Style

The Ochelli Effect 8-28-2020 Roundtable

Unjustified Killing American Style

At what point is it ok to shoot someone in the back? Is resisting arrest punishable by death? 7 bullets are deadly intent, Jacob Blake continued resisting police by forgetting to die.

Why is it ok for a goofy white boy to walk away with a long gun? B Pete and Chuck got into it a bot about these topics. Mrs.O called in. Change Now!

Was Kyle dropped off by mom to go play with his gun in the next state over? Do Tazers suck now?

How much more of this happens when there are no cameras? How many cops were enough cops for the Rodney King beating? Change Now!

Are you ready for what comes next? Is anyone maintaining discipline with there firearms? Is America ready for a gut-check?

As a bouncer, Chuck had to learn how to move intoxicated hostile people away from others and restrain them without using a gun. Maybe cops should get some bouncer training. Change Now!


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Unjustified Killing American Style

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