Universal Life Artificial Intelligence

The Ochelli Effect 9-14-2018 Jeffrey Matte

Jeffrey Matte joins Chuck on a Friar’s Day Ochelli Effect.

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? We hope to continue this discussion with Jeffrey in the near future.

Can a brave new world emerge in the shadow of AI? Will the Terminator Universe be our future? Chuck asks many questions.

Jeffrey Matte returns to take us through his thoughts about the natural internet of things and what role artificial intelligence will play in the present and future. Simply because someone can do something, does it mean they should?

Will technocrats be more of a thing it seems? Is the box Pandora shared a name with already open? Is Chuck overly concerned about the future of the human family? Is Pepsi the choice of any generation?

FIND JEFFREY MATTE: https://jeffreymatte.com/

Universal Life Artificial Intelligence

Fools believe god will exist after they create it. Power and prestige do not justify visiting death upon your fellow man.

How much murder will the rise of the machines leave in its wake? What can anyone listening do to change the trajectory of what is being put in place?

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Universal Life Artificial Intelligence – The Ochelli Effect 9-14-2018 Jeffrey Matte