United States Of Assassination

 The Ochelli Effect 10-24-2018 Chuck Solo

Pipe Bombs and other poorly constructed tools appear to be the weapons of choice in Hyperbolic USA. What do you think the motive is?

What’s the latest from the short bus with a Q on it? JFK Jr. must have lost his mind before the mid-terms.

Is the MBS narrative working yet? Did the Hill do a poll to show you what you already know? No Chinese checkers for Cult 45. plenty of stupid is rising in Red Hat Land.

Does everything come in a suspicious package? Chuck wants to but coffee cups and thought printers were asking too much.

Our friend from the first night of The Ochelli Effect calls in. We call him “Tech” and he gives his take on Facebook and other games people play.

How’s the economy treating you? Should we call this new guy the Demo-Bomber? Does an alleged election have an effect?

What will be next in the fake war of drugs? The MAGA bomber dominated the news cycle. Smokin’ the peace-pipe-bomb?

NOTE TO MBS and ASSORTED MAGA MORONS: Hire gangsters to do GANGSTER SHIT next time. HELPFUL HINT: Think Italian.

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United States Of Assassination

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United States Of Assassination – The Ochelli Effect 10-24-2018 Chuck Solo