Uniquely Snowblind Christmas Cocaine

Uniquely Snowblind Christmas Cocaine

The Ochelli Effect 12-15-2017 Unique Lee and Bruce MacDonald

‘Tis The Season?? with Unique Lee in the first hour we explore the pagan sybolism in the holiday that may be less a Holy Night and more a mixture of long ago lost  ceremony of something far darker than Frosty The Dope Man , and Grandma getting Trampled by Deer as a ritual sacrifice. Fertility rituals and the remaining fragments of a time when some would offer children to glowing red statues to be burned alive? Santa Clause is not saint it seems. What of the ancient goddess religions? Are they still breathing in the sybols of the american Justice legend and greeting visitors at Ellis Island?

Uniquely Snowblind Christmas Cocaine

Bruce MacDonald host at Revolution Radio joins us in the second hour to have a conversation about the Cocaine importation Agency that calls itself the C.I.A. Barry Seal , The Bush / Clinton Crime syndicate m Phil Marshall , The Lies of Tosh Plumblee , D.E.A.  Whistle Blowers , The War Of Drugs , The War on Us , and what it all seems to mean are covered in a nutshell. Uniquely Snowblind Christmas Cocaine Insight into BRUCE https://www.thestar.com/entertainment/2007/06/16/in_the_thick_of_the_bois.html

An odd Friars Day Ochelli Effect but worthy of a listen to get you thinking about what is , and the fact that it does not quite line up with what those in power would like us to believe. The simulation is running within normal parameters. FIND UNIQUE LEE HERE >>>> https://minds.com/uniquelee

Uniquely Snowblind Christmas Cocaine

We will be making the LIVE STREAM @ OCHELLI.COM will have special content from Christmas eve until after christmas day to encourage those who may find the holidays depressing to have a laugh at the whole idea of the Season m and we promise it will be unique , not like our friend Lee but much stranger.

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A big thank you to Unique Lee and Bruce MacDonald  for appearing on The Ochelli Effect.

Uniquely Snowblind Christmas Cocaine

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