“Unidentified: The Intelligence Problem of UFOs

The Ochelli Effect 8-25-2017 with Larry Hancock

“Unidentified: The Intelligence Problem of UFOs

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A tantalizing book (Robert Powell)

“Unidentified: The Intelligence Problem of UFOs/ is a tantalizing book that takes a different look at the history of UFOs. The book approaches the sightings of UFOs beginning in the 1940s in the way an intelligence agency or military body would examine the information at hand. Is there a threat? Are these reconnaissance flights? What type of information could they be gathering? These are the types of questions addressed and it makes the reader consider the UFO issue from a completely different light. /Unidentified/ is an enjoyable book that will challenge your view of the UFO phenomenon.”

Robert Powell, Co-author of UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry, Director of Research and head of the Science Review Board for the Mutual UFO Network, member of the Society for Scientific Exploration, and the UFODATA Project.

Chuck goes through the topic with the great author Larry Hancock in a style that is uniquely Ochelli Effect “Unidentified: The Intelligence Problem of UFOs

This is a look at a deep subject with solid research and stranger stories than one might expect. and Larry even reveals a study he conducted that the National Security State neglected to do. “Unidentified: The Intelligence Problem of UFOs

As a historian Larry breaks down many leading ideas that have proven to be founded on primary evidence and even demonstrates that the JFK and UFO Research communities mat have a few things in common.

Larry Hancock

“Unidentified: The Intelligence Problem of UFOs

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