Undue Influence Confluence

The Ochelli Effect 12-10-2018 Spike Robinson

(Chuck’s Note)
When Jordan Maxwell said he could not make it on a Moon Day, I thought it would be great to try and keep up with Spike Robinson for the first time. You can decide if I was correct in my assessment.

Is there something in the water in New Jersey that makes babies born there just a bit different than babies born elsewhere? Yes, Virginia, there is a Sandy Hook, and what are you lookin’ at!?

After the show, I asked spike if she wanted to contribute to the show notes. Here’s what I got
(As written by Spike)
Hi, had a great time! Here’s my shortish bio: Spike was born in New Jersey, raised in Vermont, and educated as a writer, musician, and composer before becoming involved in a “magick” micro-cult in the early 1990s.

Since her exit and recovery, she has avidly studied the mechanics of undue influence and thought reform and worked closely with Jon Atack as his assistant, helping him publish his book, Opening Minds, as both illustrator and editor. Her goal is to help create a world free of harmful manipulation.
(End Spike’s note)


Undue Influence Confluence


During the discussion, a clear illustration of what a high control group is getting sonically painted. Chuck tries to reconcile the seemingly endless layers of social engineering with the truly cultish techniques he observes.

We hope to have more guests from the Open Minds Foundation on the show soon.

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Undue Influence Confluence – Ochelli Effect 12-10-2018 Spike Robinson