Uncle Aaron Sunshine Conspiracy

The Ochelli Effect1-31-2018 Uncle , Aaron Franz , Sunshine On

An interesting mid-week Ochelli Effect : Uncle Aaron Sunshine Conspiracy

What a Wednesday , Chuck starts out trying to take calls and gets a skype drop in from the duo known better as , Uncle the Podcast. We discuss what a quiet car is , Trump’s speech patterns , and answer the burning question , Is Uncle and Aaron Franz the same person? Plus who would be best suited to be part of the Uncle administration if he were to run in 2020 and achieve victory on an Independent party ticket? Mass transit , Mass hysteria , and linguistics in the first hour. Second hour The Uncle Aaron Sunshine Conspiracy continues as  Sunshine On returns and explains that all actions have an effect. A bog of chips worth of thoughts maybe , but Chuck is of a different opinion. A bit of fun and a bit of something other on The Ochelli Effect. Also members and Patrons are running away despite Chuck adding lots of exclusive material , seems like nobody likes it much. Still is the wind un-blown . Safe is nothing against the hammer of Time , Realizing that Lies are real , never fixed a thing , Just find yourself a powerful song , and sing brother , sing … Uncle Aaron Sunshine Conspiracy

Aaron Franz work = http://theageoftransitions.com/

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Ochelli Effect : Uncle Aaron Sunshine Conspiracy 1-31-2018