uncertainty equation Bitcoin Greasy Trump

The Ochelli Effect 12-05-2017 Mike Swanson , Ed Opperman , Pearse Redmond

In the first hour of Tuesday night Ochelli Effect Chuck and the author of “The War State” Mike Swanson wander through the impressions gathered by two people far outside the craze that is currently Bitcoin Mania. How is this current trend like other trends in the past? How is it something completely different? this is just the opener of the conversation that might be a new trend in presentations on a Tuesday.  If anyone wishes to join the future conversations on the topic by all means contact Chuck at ochelli.com and we’ll see what we can learn together. uncertainty equation Bitcoin Greasy Trump

Second hour Chuck is joined by two other unique broadcasters , Ed Opperman and Pearse Redmond. The Open source evidence of how Greasy Trump is gets put on blast. Lawsuits , Models , Little Girls, and connections to the Clinton Crime Family? Yeah all that and an over-priced bag of Chips from Mar-O-Loggo , and a side of political pervert Roger Stone , Oh My… uncertainty equation Bitcoin Greasy Trump


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uncertainty equation Bitcoin Greasy Trump

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The Ochelli Effect 12-05-2017 Michael Swanson

uncertainty equation Bitcoin Greasy Trump