Ultron Impeachment Trump Spader

Popcorn Politics 2-16-2021 Ted Edmonson and Eric Cunnigham

Ultron Impeachment Trump Spader

In today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Ted Edmonson and I discussed the Republican civil war and what went wrong in Trump’s impeachment among other things.

On February 16th, Donald Trump released a letter threatening to primary Mitch McConnell and his allies. I tend to believe that Trump’s effectiveness is both overestimated by the media and underestimated by conservative pundits.

Trump’s base is fiercely loyal to him and also large in number, but they’re a base of low-propensity white working-class voters who don’t turn out when he’s not on the ballot. Though the counterpoint is that Republican enthusiasm will be up already which could increase base turnout for primaries.

None of this would’ve been an issue had impeachment gone well though, but Democrats had messed up the strategy from step one. Waiting for Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment was a tragic miscalculation that I’d argue saved Trump.

In the second hour, Eric Cunningham and I discussed Avengers Age of Ultron. Joss Wheadon’s second Avengers film received more mixed reviews than 2012’s Avengers, but Eric and I agree that it’s underappreciated.

Age of Ultron is a story that still hasn’t fully paid off on the arcs it set up, much like the rest of Phase 2 MCU films, Age of Ultron is a better piece of the puzzle than a standalone film. The film is driven by 3 characters, Tony Stark, Ultron, and Vision.

The entire debate the movie is having is told through them, and their development is what pushes the movie and future movies forward. It’s well established that Joss Wheadon hated shooting this movie and it does show in the directing, which is flat, but the script and actors are what breathe life into this story. We discuss all this and more, enjoy the episode!

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Ultron Impeachment Trump Spader

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