Ukraine Russia Chessboard Media

The Ochelli Effect 1-1-2021 Roundtable

Ukraine Russia Chessboard Media

Regular Joe and Mrs.O joined Chuck and B Pete in the first hour to get the conversation rolling. Domestic concerns were what took up most of the hour. Does it matter who bought and paid for your alleged representatives?

Emir and Natureboy were featured in the second hour. Accents and voices are great in the second hour.

How much propaganda has been useful to many idiots regarding Ukraine? Why has the alleged alternative media insisted the Putin is a good guy?

Is there anything between the black and white judgments of most media when it comes to the many actions of the CIA? How is the disease going with you?

What is coming up in the coming year? Will there be a new war? Might no one notice?



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Ukraine Russia Chessboard Media

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