UFO Jesus Hospice Compliments Trauma

The Ochelli Effect 2-19-2020 Joseph L. Flatley

UFO Jesus Hospice Compliments Trauma

From the curious mind of Joseph L. Flatley comes The So-Called Prophet from Pittsburg Podcast. He’s not a Media Vulture like Anderson Cooper.

We’ve discussed this with Joe before, but due to your continued questions about the podcast, we figured let’s revisit this one more time. The 8 episode set is complete but might have additional pieces added later.

Will there be a season 2? Why is the unconventional investigative journalist interested in the particular cult? Could there be a goal Mr. Flatley has in mind? Is there an answer forthcoming from the group? Is the ad-hoc nature of the belief system confusing by design? Are there any political elements to this high control group? If a cult leader was a billionaire could he start a religion the mainstream would accept? Is all this a symptom or a disease of the interesting slice of history we find ourselves in? Does a new age grab bag of half baked ideas constitute something dangerous?

This is a completely odd topic. We suggest you listen to the podcast Joe has posted on his site and distributed through the usual channels for podcasts.

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UFO Jesus Hospice Compliments Trauma

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UFO Jesus Hospice Compliments Trauma – The Ochelli Effect 2-19-2020 Joseph L. Flatley