Twisted Resister Meat Wagon

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Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 3-22-2019 Sunshine On

(Aaron’s Notes)
TRR 222

Some ideas on how to confront online media abominations. Going head on the field of social media will get you nowhere. Now is the time to be creative and have a sense of humor.

topics include The Onion, satire, parody, click bait, Twitter, social media, news, journalism, patriot movement, right-wing extremism, alternative media, making up false stories, charlatans, grifters, JFK researchers, left-wing roots of conspiracy culture, comedy, humor, marketing

Utp 129

Fresh from the ER, Uncle discusses the diabetic seizure he suffered earlier in the day. Sunshine calls into the show to hear all about it, and to posit some strange theories about our reality.

topics include: diabetes, seizure, hospital, meat wagon, loss of consciousness, sugar levels, colonoscopy, number two, doctor, health, NPCs, Consciousness Expo, spiritual grifters

Twisted Resister Meat Wagon

(Producers Notes)
Alt-Right, Alt-Wrong is more like it.
Is Huckster a good word?
The alternative to what media?
Uncle on Chem Trails?
From the Grill to The Trunk uncle got some service.
No player characters?
Uncle time traveled?
did somebody slip me something?
He’s even talking about the chipping.
Sunshine makes uncle happy.
What a strange night.
We all got a taste of an alternate reality this week.

Twisted Resister Meat Wagon

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Twisted Resister Meat Wagon