Trust No One Dogs Present

The Age of Transitions & Uncle The Broadcast as Proudly Presented by OCHELLI.COM

The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 9-2-2022 Jimmy

Trust No One Dogs Present

The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 9-2-2022 Jimmy

Trust No One Dogs Present

AOT #363

Beware of propaganda from everyone and coming from everywhere. As a best practice, you may want to “trust no one.”

Topics include: Age of Transitions 2 intro video, Revolve book reviews, deep brain stimulation, medical brain implant experiments, compulsive behavior, opioid addiction, Parkinson’s, Navy Twitch live streams, military recruitment, gaming, Department of War Studies King’s College London, alumni in social media and journalism, NATO propaganda, Russian propaganda, Chinese propaganda, Cold War 2.0, Atlantic Council, CNN changing formats, new “liberal” Fox News channel, Mike Judge, Arcade Fire controversy, California alchemical gold rush, New Gold Dream

UTP #273

The Top Notes are now at the top of our notes.

Topics include: Chuck’s camera is out, video Livestream, dry weather, immune system response to Covid, vaccines, international listeners, chat rooms, Twist and Shout, MST punk cover songs, the Top Notes, Chuck backup vocals, live studio audience, Truth Social, reposting videos, walkabout, Australia and New Zealand, possible guests, Ric Flair, local TV infomercials, dogs in the room


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Trust No One Dogs Present

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