Trunk Treat World Series

The Age of Transitions & Uncle The Broadcast as Proudly Presented by OCHELLI.COM

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 10-30-2022 Caller

Trunk Treat World Series

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 10-30-2022 Caller

Trunk Treat World Series

AOT #368

Civilization was grown, as crops are grown, from the seed that is agriculture.

Topics include: Halloween, Trunk or Treat, evangelical take on holiday, theocracy, superstition, civilization, technology and science influence on society, leaders as gods, agriculture prime element in the dawn of civilization, holidays related to seasons and growing crops, harvest, death and rebirth, life and death, human influence over nature, Freemasonry, Great Work, apotheosis, Fertile Crescent, dark forest, archetypes, fear of wilderness and wild animals, clearing land for fields, Anarcho-Primitivism, politics, Christian Nationalism, elections, Nancy Pelosi home invasion

UTP #279

Uncle tests his new headphones.

Topics include: Sunday the new day of the show, new headphones, MLB playoffs, international callers, NFL teams, sports podcasts, YouTube version of the show, Lord of the Rings, new Jeffrey Dahmer series, mail theft, dumbest criminal shows, 80s movies, Jerry Lee Lewis death

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Trunk Treat World Series

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