Trumps Idiocracy Establishmentarianism

The Ochelli Effect 1-28-2019 Meria Heller

On a Monday Meria Heller arrived at Roar about the government shutdown, The fools that follow Cult 45, and the lack of real news everywhere.

This is not Hell and High Water, but a rundown of the latest madness that has become of the elitist cabal running middle-management in the time of plutocracy unleashed. The rich get their way and the rest of us don’t get a damn thing.

Has it always been this way? Does anyone want a hero/Martyr created for the ignorant red hats? If Roger Stone is a Gotham style villain, where is Batman? We didn’t even cover Whitaker’s bald sweaty head.

In the second hour, Chuck went solo to explain the coded language of scumbags, The real American Mafia (Not Italians) in the W.A.S.P. world, and what the ultimate reason for the crap-fest of Trumpian political discourse is actually designed to fuel.

Trumps Idiocracy Establishmentarianism

How does somebody lose money running a casino when the governmental prostitutes were paid to lay down and spread the sewer wide in Atlantic City? Do you wonder if anyone can accept the desert of what is real?

Chuck got a bit angry and went off-topic a bit. Shocking? Why aren’t there more profoundly upset people about what counts? Is it too late to avoid Idiocracy?

Music heard in the podcast not produced by Chuck includes work by Cirrus Minor, Addict Static, and 10 Gauge. The Ochelli Effect Theme was created for Chuck by Renegade Smith.

Trumps Idiocracy Establishmentarianism

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Trumps Idiocracy Establishmentarianism –
The Ochelli Effect 1-28-2019 Meria Heller