Trumping The New Normal Today

Trumping The New Normal Today

The Ochelli Effect 9-27-2017 Aaron Franz and Tony Hurst

In the first hour Aaron Franz returns to rinse and repeat the truest dirty laundry of the alleged alt media. Concepts ranging from How bad things might be at the moment to What to do moving forward , are tabled along with Chuck’s concept for an Alternative media cartoon series. The Ace Baker FAKE suicide , Uncle Fester , and even AJ from Jonestown get mentions here. The legacy of parody like Saturday night Live used to produce are talked about along with the building of legends for those that seem busy building nations. Trumping The New Normal Today

Second hour Chuck goes Solo a while until Producer and great inquisitor Tony Hurst drops in to address the seemingly obvious role of Donald Trump in the engineered bakruptcy of what was once America. Puerto Rico and the games Trump golf courses have played on the now devastated Island that is by the way an American Territory are discussed quite freely. Chuck is still looking for those that called the elitist Trump an outsider to retract their foolishness. But Ochelli doesn’t hold his breathe. Trumping The New Normal Today

An interesting mid-week Ochelli Effect : Trumping The New Normal Today

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Tony Hurst has been a vital and essential part of the Ochelli Effect as Producer and Technical Expert and advisor to Chuck , HE IS NOT TO BE BLAMED FOR ANYTHING CHUCK says or DOES … Thank You


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Ochelli Effect : Trumping The New Normal Today