trumped iranian nuclear deal

The Ochelli Effect 5-8-2018 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

The Iran nuclear deal breaker Trump seems to be the jumping off point for the first hour with Author Michael Swanson. Mike brings common sense to the seemingly constant hyperbolic geopolitical news. We quickly look at the economic effects via the oil industry. What paradigm do evangelicals use to justify support for the distinctly unchristian Trump? Is it a good day to invest in the military industrial complex? Wall Street Window covers these things and much more. Plus a quick mention of the JFK Assassination. Are there people in power at this time suffering from beliefs that lead them to endorse direct military intervention in Iran? How is the rest of the world decoding the confusing agenda of Donald J Trump? Hour2 Jp Sottile arrives first to break Chuck’s balls a little but quickly turns to the Iranian issue and the history of the fabled enemy. Stormy’s lawyer says Russian oligarch funneled $500,000 to Trump attorney Michael Cohen post-hush-payment. Is access to trump being sold to the highest bidder? Viktor Vekselberg, a Kremlin-connected Russian billionaire, might not be able to catch a cab in New York City, but he seems to have caught up with a guy in the taxi medallion business previous to his career as a peddler of influence for the Don that can’t shoot straight about anything? Avenatti’s seven-page document, dubbed “Project Sunlight,” nonetheless puts a new twist on the Daniels scandal and raises questions about whether the Russian Agent Orange (AKA Trump). Is there any doubt at this time that Trump is not at war with the “Deep State”? Will abortion be the unforgivable sin that breaks the spell of hypocrisy among Christian soldiers? Why is Israeli BS becoming Trump Bs? The Me Too movement claims one of its previous champions. So Much Ironic fader, it’s hard to see the trees. Be Best because the Obama lady wanted you to be better. Is it any wonder that a wannabe gangster doesn’t quite know how to keep his mouth shut? Will the most embarrassing Italian please stand up? Thanks, Rudy. Will America not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail? Plus why did North and South Korea finally speak? So lots of stupid no waiting as Deep State Puppet Trump Continues his Sales pitch for MAGA and anything else caustic to what America was alleged to have been. Justify Away.


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trumped iranian nuclear deal


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The Ochelli Effect 5-8-2018 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile.

trumped iranian nuclear deal