Trump Reality Irregular Channels

The Ochelli Effect 11-13-2019 B Pete

Trump Reality Irregular Channels

How ridiculous is the Left? Is it more or less real than the Trump or Magic R cults? Conservatives are no longer conservative. Liberals fail to be liberal. Trump’s reality confronting Liberal stupid means no one is thinking critically.

The damage will be done by the Impeachment spectacle currently airing on many networks. Are we all watching Irregular channels? Are we only left to defend which side of the corruption scale that fits our agendas best? Is Impeachmentpolooza a waste of time?

Reality is subjective. Somehow B Pete embraces all the talking points of right-wing media and the Trump cult and Chuck is oddly concluding things he later hears from the MSM.

Are two normally critical thinkers failing to do so because they literally see different facts? For an entire hour, B Pete hammers every right-wing talking point from calling the collaboration of Trump and his people with Russia a hoax to asserting there is good evidence to support the Ukranian 2016 election meddling narrative.

The points of the agreement only begin when Chuck concedes ALL the Trump talking points on the DNC and the two men agree that someone should drain the swamp.

Through both hours a split, in reality, is obvious. What is the solution to this? Why do two atypical people clash over generic ideas? Why does Chuck wind up sounding like a leftist? Is there a way to break this common gridlock in political and social discourse?

Can anything get done when corruption is a given among our alleged representative? What should be dismantled among the mega-bureaucracies to help the rigged system stop crushing the average American? How are your taxes treating you? If you are on the side of the corrupt administration you seem to think Trump’s alleged tax cuts are working. Oddly tax policy that did benefit the richest among the allegedly taxed is a good thing when making excuses for Trump. On the other hand, living in the anti-Trump reality means that nothing has improved.

This discussion was much less heated in the second hour.

Trump Reality Irregular Channels


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Trump Reality Irregular Channels – The Ochelli Effect 11-13-2019 B Pete