Trump Impeachment Shadow Proof

Porkins Policy Radio 4-2-2019 Ed Opperman

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(Notes From Pearse)
This week Kevin Gosztola joined me to discuss the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower case and the possibility of presidential impeachment. Kevin started by laying out what we know about the CIA whistleblower in question and what is in his complaint. Kevin described how the whistleblower went through the proper channels, and how this was handled by the Director of National Intelligence. Also discussed were the allegations in the complaint and why government employees blow the whistle in the first place.

We argued that people who blow the whistle tend to believe very strongly in the construct of government and feel strongly about corruption. Also touched on was how this whistleblower, as an employee of the CIA, may have viewed this conversation as an affront to the CIA’s stated goals in Ukraine. Kevin and I also looked at some of the secondary figures named in the complaint like Kurt Volker. His connections to Raytheon and NATO might have more to do with this story than meets the eye.

We also discussed the possibility of impeachment, the political nature of it and how this could backfire for the Democrats in the future.

Trump Impeachment Shadow Proof


Trump Impeachment Shadow Proof

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Trump Impeachment Shadow Proof – Porkins Policy Radio 4-2-2019 Ed Opperman