trump duck dynasty

The Ochelli Effect 3-20-2018 Aaron Franz and Pearse Redmond

Aaron Franz, a cornerstone contributor to the Ochelli Effect, joins us for a rare Tuesday flanked by Porkins himself Pearse Redmond. Unique conversation is what we got. Trump scandals, The ever-shifting sands of the middle-east, and a march to madness in America all seem to be fair game. Chuck is still sick but moving forward with all he can. It was a good thing Aaron was with us, and Pearse kept everything flowing. By The Way, What is news? What should be the focus in the information wars? Is musical Chairs the official game of the Orange-White HouseAre Trump Era Bimbo-Eruptions the Newest Normal? trump duck dynasty, and The Trumpets duck the real questions about the bastard president. Butt-head without Beavis = Trump Jr.? The next wave of Drug Cartels. The Global Heroin market. Shall we dance? Playmates, Porn Stars, Propetual Warfare, Oh My …

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trump duck dynasty : Stormy Summer unprotected sex : #FTrump

Is there a fully Stormy Summer on the horizon for Russia’s Agent Orange? Should we care? Are YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Mike Swanson will return next week Unless the new lady at C.I.A. disappears Chuck.

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trump duck dynasty

The Ochelli Effect 3-20-2018 Aaron Franz and Pearse Redmond