Trump Cheney Snyder Cut

Popcorn Politics 5-4-2021 Eric Cunningham and Chuck Ochelli

Trump Cheney Snyder Cut

On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Eric Cunningham and I discuss the breaking news of the last few weeks, Liz Cheney’s leadership fight, and #TX06 specifically. The special election in Texas’s 6th congressional district should be a wake-up call to Democrats who believed that gaining suburban voters would net them a midterm advantage.

In this Republican-leaning district that voted for Trump by 3 points, Republicans captured more than 60% of the vote. This result flies directly in the face of the realignment theory and shows a Democratic failure to mobilize. Liz Cheney is facing renewed calls for her demotion after she released a statement criticizing Donald Trump and fellow Republicans for continuing to say that the election was rigged.

Eric and I have very different views on this issue, Eric being more sympathetic to Minority Leader McCarthy, me being happy either way as I have no love for Cheney’s

In hour 2 Chuck and I discuss Zack Snyder’s Justice League again from his perspective. Chuck isn’t a big fan of the DCEU in general, so I felt that this would be an interesting discussion. He enjoyed the film more than I anticipated being a 4-hour movie with characters he’s never really liked.

We retread on the major elements that make this version better than Joss Wheadon’s, as well as what the original vision that Snyder had for his greater universe was. We also discussed the pacing of the movie and how many moments we thought could be cut. We discuss all this and more, hope you enjoy the show!

Eric Cunningham @decunningham2


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Trump Cheney Snyder Cut

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