Trump Borg GOP Selection

The Ochelli Effect 7-23-2018 Chuck Solo

After the Selection day, we begin to describe who the winners are. Hint, It’s not YOU.

A dead man in Nevada gets 70% of the vote. The country appears just as divided as it did before.

Democrats and Trumpets both claim victory. Where’s the caravan? Is this a bad copy of fascism?

A visit from Regular Joe goes on a while. Joe speaks plainly and carries an exceptional common sense.

Did racist robo-calls, and racist campaign ads win the day? Have the elitist morons in DC forgotten who they are supposed to pretend to work for?

Even the English language propaganda outlet for Russia is laughing at this spectacle/

The Attorney General resigned. The Russia probe seems to be a completely dead duck.

Why did Texas keep Ted Cruz with the stench Donald’s feet on his breath?

On The Bright Side, Prison Slavery was abolished in Colorado.

Do you feel like anything was accomplished? Fear-Porn is still trending.

Chuck closes the show reading the article from JP Sottile that boils election day down to the real nuts and bolts.

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Trump Borg GOP Selection

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Trump Borg GOP Selection – The Ochelli Effect 11-7-2018 Chuck Solo