TRM Howard Deserves More

The Ochelli Effect 7-29-2019 David Beito PhD

This show may not be Headline News but it relates to still unfinished work in the search for equality and the horrific murder of Emmett Till which sadly was in the news again recently.

If all that could be written about T.R.M. Howard is what follows he would easily be worthy of much more discussion in American and Black History than he has seemingly received until now.

Theodore Roosevelt Mason Howard attended Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama and Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska before medical school at College of Medical Evangelists in Loma Linda, California.
In 1942, Howard moved to the all-black town of Mound Bayou, Mississippi where he worked as a surgeon and became an outspoken activist and leader in the civil rights movement.
Investing in his community by establishing many business and civic installations.
Howard founded the Regional Council of Negro Leadership in 1951 and rose to prominence as a national civil rights figure during the investigation into the murder of Emmett Till and its subsequent trial.

David Beito helps us explore the dynamic life of a man and his times that are often both forgotten in general studied regarding the “Civil Rights Era” in American history.

Some specific efforts in the extensive record of accomplishments in Dr. Howard’s life are discussed but by no means represent more than a tiny fraction of what he accomplished. The context of the status quo and regional issues of race as they stood during his life are also explored.

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TRM Howard Deserves More

Chuck complained there is very little information on the man for people to study. We have a few reference links for you, we believe there should be many more. The book by the Professors Beito is a single great volume on T.R.M. Howard, we recommend it, and encourage further study and research.


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TRM Howard Deserves More

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TRM Howard Deserves More – The Ochelli Effect 7-29-2019 David Beito PhD