Triple Threat Golden Jackass Hat Trick

Ochelli Effect 1-19-2018 Jim Willie

He’s Baaaack! The One and Only , Jim Willie , The Editor-in-chief and founder of The Hat Trick Newsletter &

Jim takes us through listener questions on a discovery that lays out the three prongs of the worlds currency , Explains his view on the recent events of false nuclear alarms in Japan and that island state we have somewhere , along the way North Korea , Heroin , and even joy rides in secret deep space program planes using magnetic energy. Also why is a Saudi Prince in the UK ? Changes are coming for the Hat Trick Newsletter and Jim gives you some heat in this slightly longer than an hour discussion. We already know , Chuck talks too much when Jim is on , so keep the e-mails, Shut Up and Listen… Triple Threat Golden Jackass Hat Trick

Second hour Can You Say Bad mood boys and girls? , I knew you could , Chuck plays a few pieces of sonic musical art and vents some more of the hostile feelings he is sadly carrying around with him on the daily. Kinda like Wednesday night without Aaron Franz to be the voice of reason.  But REALLY HOW STUPID is THE GUY STANDING NEXT TO YOU ?????? Russian propaganda business appears to be in business , and business is good. Right wingers are just wrong , and Lefties would be the spawn of the devil if the idiots supporting the alleged left were actual liberals , you might have a shot at proving it. Meanwhile a few thank yous , along with some callers he ignored close out the show fairly well? It is , what it is ..

Triple Threat Golden Jackass Hat Trick

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Triple Threat Golden Jackass Hat Trick

The Ochelli Effect 1-19-2018 with Jim Willie