Tree Of Life and Death

The Ochelli Effect 10-30-2018 Joseph Flatley and JP Sottile

Happy Hell Night! White Noise in alternative media? Author Joseph Flatley gets into an unexpected conversation with Chuck when he hits a nerve.

Suspect Robert Bowers made his brief court appearance in a wheelchair. Bowers is charged with 29 criminal counts, including 11 federal hate-crime charges. Another 11 counts of using a firearm to kill. The Death Penalty is on the table..

Mr. Flatley showed a great command of patience as Chuck spent most of the hour unsuccessfully trying to contain his anger at the Jew-Hating-Alt-Media.

How is slaughtering praying people in America anything that can be reconciled?

JP Sottile arrives in the second hour to explain the reboot of the old Southern Strategy and The rise of Neo-Pseudo-Fascism.

Will Cult 45 accept a new leader? Is any of this organic? Are the new bold minutes of hate intentionally designed to do the job of destroying America without firing a shot?

Is Trump a problem for angry ill-informed people in search of a leader?

Chuck thinks Roger Stone has managed to remain the hidden puppet master behind the hair piece. What do you think?

Is the MAGA-Bomber different from the killer in PA? Are we observing in real time the rise of a single Axis Power?

Tree Of Life and Death


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Tree Of Life and Death