Traumatic Journey Victimhood Refused

The Ochelli Effect 4-10-2019 Daniel Louis Crumpton

DLC Returns to TOE. A very personal discussion on trauma and a path of evolution with a longtime friend of Chuck’s Daniel Louis Crumpton weaves the subjects of Cannabis, spirituality, and The Trauma of Life into a basket of exposition that you will not find on the upcoming 420 DLC media tour.

We used W Odin’s Day to get to the bare bones of development regarding the revolutions of One that await those who reject the condition of victimhood and become spiritually paralyzed in the face of the New World Order Oppression. Order your world in a new way, accept the gift of Trauma, and never surrender to the will of others who seek to limit your strength and destroy your world.

There is no spoon, Neo…

Traumatic Journey Victimhood Refused

– Daniel Louis Crumpton’s Work Online:
– The mission statement on reads as follows
“Our mission is to educate potential and existing patients on the benefits of medical cannabis and how to safely and legally access it at an affordable price. Seniors, veterans, disabled people and almost anyone seeking pain relief could potentially benefit from medical cannabis.

We also help frame cannabis issues within a social perspective while sharing important technical and medical information from across the world. With information rooted in science and medicine, we use facts and studies to dismiss the propaganda that has belied cannabis throughout its history.

We pledge to continue our mission until safe access to quality medicinal cannabis is guaranteed for all qualified patients”

Traumatic Journey Victimhood Refused

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Traumatic Journey Victimhood Refused – The Ochelli Effect 4-10-2019 Daniel Louis Crumpton