Transhumanist Epstein Suicided Silent

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The Age Of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 8-9-2019 Pearse Redmond

(Aaron’s Notes)
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Pearse Redmond returns to the show to talk about Jeffrey Epstein and his financing of transhumanist projects over the years. His money has long been welcomed by a wide range of scientific researchers, but one has to wonder about the full extent of such business relationships.

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Pearse Redmond comes back as a guest to talk about Top Gun Maverick. Pearse, Uncle, and Aaron all did a fine job making it to their microphones for this broadcast.

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Transhumanist Epstein Suicided Silent

(Producers Note: I copy and Paste an e-mail from Meria Heller I received a few hours after the Show)

This morning we’re told Epstein hung himself. On suicide watch? Do they believe that

we’re stupid enough to believe that after his first attempt? There’s NO WAY he wasn’t

being watched after that. Now the FBI is investigating?

Trump is conveniently on a 10-day vacation so he has a good alibi..with all the names

named the day before once again we find ourselves with “Obsfucation” to figure out

who wanted him dead the most, the same story since the assassination of JFK.

As I always say “dead men tell no tales” and under the rich pedophile white man’s rule

there is never any justice.

What happens to the investigations? Prince Andrew, Trump, Clinton, Richardson, the list

goes on.

From what I see on Instagram, no one is buying it. The rabbit hole has no end.



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Transhumanist Epstein Suicided Silent

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Transhumanist Epstein Suicided Silent – The Age Of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 8-9-2019 Pearse Redmond