Toxic Water Fatal Culture

The Ochelli Effect 8-13-2019 JP Sottile

Damn it’s hot in the south! TYR’s Day did not go exactly as planned since Mike Swanson was under the weather. We do not mean under the heatwave of the south, he just wasn’t feeling well.

Chuck did his best to have a little fun with the foolishness that passes for news at the moment and gave some updates regarding the salad bar style conspiracy of the Jeffrey Epstein post-mortem. There is an epidemic level of violence, do you know about it?

Meanwhile is anyone else noticing the water across America is all toxic? Wasn’t one of those old fashioned points of American pride that our water was safe to drink? Fredo is not the N-Word to Italians, and a guy trying to provoke a punch and a quick payday from CNN anchor Chris Cuomo should have known better. Maybe not?

JP Sottile gets creeped out about Chuck’s sketching hobby and brings us the crystal clear lense of the Newsvandal to view current events through. Chuck and JP also discussed the TV bandit, The Mooch, and other static noise in the media streams at large. Plus JP may have to get on the Netflix tip.

A fairly solid attitude driven Tuesday night is heard by all, we think. Is the lack of honest discussion about the caustic blood of the American beast ever to be addressed? How far gone is the plastic planet? Is everybody Racist? Who is Rusty Shackleford? Is there a danger in “Red Flag Laws” being weaponized?


Toxic Water Fatal Culture


Toxic Water Fatal Culture


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Toxic Water Fatal Culture – The Ochelli Effect 8-13-2019 JP Sottile