Tiger King Mania Memes

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Themes and Memes plus Uncle broadcast 4-17-2020

Tiger King Mania Memes

(notes from Aaron)

T&M ep 58

Pearse Redmond joins Themes & Memes as a return guest. The Covid19 quarantine classic, Tiger King documentary, is the topic of discussion. A variety of issues such as high control groups, media analysis, and politics are discussed in this different kind of review.

topics include: Tiger King, Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, big cats, animal rights, tigers in captivity, true crime editing tactics, documentary, entertainment, media analysis, relatable characters, life on the edge, cults, high control groups, free labor, changing names, Bhagavan Antle, undue influence, devotion, Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, repression, Barbara Fisher, disadvantaged people, Rick Kirkham, Joe Exotic’s son Brandon, prison, animal abuse, Saff, Tiger as a symbol, conquest of Nature, fetishizing of firearms, love of power, destructive energy, Jeff Lowe, beastiality light, animal print clothing, Blackfish, Steve-O, no one cares about the animals, reality show techniques, making you hate characters, death threats, Don Lewis death, Carole Baskin’s backstory, disappearance terminology on will, money and greed, Costa Rica sex tourism, psychology, politics, governor campaign, Joshua Dial, Libertarian platform, John Reinke, Walmart guns and ammo, homosexuality in Oklahoma, politics for publicity, 19 percent of vote, Travis accidental suicide, seeing a shaman in lieu of therapy, holistic medicine, story of getting to the zoo, meth amphetamine, audience manipulation, narrative, Alan Glover, video as blackmail, appearance of wealth, making a deal with the Feds, con men, Covid19 atmosphere, self interest, feature film talk

Tiger King Mania Memes – Themes and Memes plus Uncle broadcast 4-17-2020

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