Three Card Monte Trump Edition.

The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-11  with Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

Cold Wars 1.0 , 2.0 , 3.0

First hour with Mike Swanson author of The War State.

Three Card Monte. Going back in time to the days before the CIA The OSS and The Shell Game played in

Three transitional stages. The marked card called Lee Harvey Oswald also mentioned.

Spying Through a Glass Darkly by David Alvarez and Edward. Mark. Discussed at length

Truman and the CIA His regrets about it’s formation may be covered in a future broadcast

Strategic Services Unit? during the transition.

Did the information gathered by the OSS influence policy makers?

Subversion and sabotage core, intelligence spies and scouts, saboteurs post war Europe looking for The Queen on the card table , and no Monte Hall to be seen.

The emerging threat of he Soviet Union? was it just a justification for a new office in the Government to be formed?

Black market watches and goods making people rich. Allan Dulles cutting his teeth.

Hour two with JP Sottile.

Trouble in the white House , not quite a White Russian , but Junior thinks he

knows how three card Monte is played.

Where were the Hillary Clinton supporters before the election? Chuck couldn’t find any.

Trumps taxes? What about Sanders Taxes and a seemingly shady loan.

What really went on with Trump junior? Email released on legal advice?

Donald Trump “my son is a high quality person and I think he’s going to do fine”.

Cringe worthy and ‘campy’.

The sources for most damaging stories have come from the inner circle.

Which card turns up ?ignorance? arrogance? incompetence? , Follow the orange Jester.

Limited hangouts and a the building of a firewall around Trump.

Is Jared Kushner is more important to Trump than his son?

Fat kids in the candy Store while the rest of us are outside eyeing the Three cards ala Monte on the Cardboard box outside. Do any of these fools care if you end up living in one?

The Profits of Doom must be paid,

Trump acting as a sales agent for the people he appoints?

Defence industry in charge of itself?

Is Trump running the game, or is he the game?

A winner in the three card monte, Trump presidency edition?

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Three Card Monte Trump Edition.