Thomas Lilac Wild Fires Aftermath
The Ochelli Effect 12-11-2017 Sunshine On , Christine Brady , Susan , Scott Koop

The MSM shows you apocalypse
The Alleged Alternative Media shows you fresh conspiaracy theory
The Ochelli Effect answers with Hope , Solutions , and 3 positive perspectives on Thomas Lilac Wild Fires Aftermath

Sunshine ON co-hosts and brings guests to the table
To give us a far different view of recent Blazes in
southern Claifornia

—- A half dozen fires collectively
Scortched 230,000 acres , an area larger than NYC and Boston combined

Nearly 1,000 fire departments across
California involved in efforts to contain
the blazes. Plus many volunteers from
within the state as well as outside of it.

Gov. Jerry Brown said on Sunday,
“…Southern California is literally burning up,”

Many situations are currently under control as of Monday

3 different unique stories Thomas Lilac Wild Fires Aftermath

Southern California Wildfires
– Latest fire San Diego County #LilacFire Bonsall, CA
– Started Fri Dec 7th approx 11AM w/ Santa Ana Winds
– Within 5 hours consumed approx 2500 acres including
– #SanLuisRey Downs Horse Training Facility 500 horses
– Rescued horses now stabled at #DelMarRacetrack
– Community outpouring of volunteers and donations
– GOFUNDME search San Luis Rey Downs for several
opportunities to help horse care, empoyees, facility
– Community Response is key to Future Survival and

Christine Brady
– Resident in San Diego area
– Lived through many Fires and other Disasters in CA
– Perspectives and Speculations
– Residents find natural disasters quite normal
– Her neighbors Ideas
– Employee @ #SanLuisRey Downs
– Works 6 days/wk as a Hot Walker horses after workout
– Seen in viral videos in purple jacket rescuing horses
– Selfless Hero rescueing horses
– Lost all her possessions in the fire risking her life
– Del Mar Race Track new temp home her & horses
– Worked at both Del Mar Track and Santa Anita Track
Scott Koop –
– Director Rawhide Ranch / Childrens Summer Camp
– Horse Training / Girl Scouts / Schools / Other Livestock
– Ranch and several employees choose not to evacuate
– Fire came up to right across the street still no electricity
– All are ok
– Able to take in and care for the fire victims animals
– Contact info via Website and other social media

Thomas Lilac Wild Fires Aftermath
— Susan is in the purple jacket. its a 10min video but should watch thru to 5:30 min at least
— 2500 acre in just 6 hrs and 0% contained
— To work with or seek help from Scott Koop

Thomas Lilac Wild Fires Aftermath
The Ochelli Effect 12-11-2017 Sunshine On , Christine Brady , Susan , Scott Koop

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