Then There Were Fewer Georgia

Popcorn Politics 1-5-2021 Ted Edmonson and Nora

Then There Were Fewer Georgia

On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Ted Edmonson and I discussed the Georgia runoff, and an incident involving the state legislature of Pennsylvania.

As of the time of the broadcast, we only had early vote totals to discuss and they looked bad for Senators Loeffler and Perdue.

This trend held as did my analysis that if Republicans didn’t significantly juice turnout they’d lose.

The turnout didn’t increase to the numbers I’d anticipated and the Democrats took both races.

My other prediction though didn’t hold up. I thought that Jon Ossoff would outrun Raphael Warnock. This prediction was based on the premise that Warnock had significant opposition research against him, which I thought would hurt him with white voters. This didn’t pan out,

Warnock has seemingly outrun Ossoff by around 0.5%, both are set to outrun Joe Biden though.

We also discussed the Pennsylvania state legislature’s refusal to seat a Democrat who’s legally won as well as the removal of Lt. Governor John Fetterman.

In hour 2 my friend Nora and I discussed 1985’s Clue.

Clue The Movie was a fascinating film with a really interesting script and superb performances all around. The directing style leaves a bit to be desired but Tim Curry’s brilliant performance and a sharp script keep the movie filled with life.

At 96 minutes, the movie does drag in parts, specifically at the end. This is because the film has 3 endings back to back to back. This movie came out before DVDs so this was the only way to have multiple endings, but it certainly grinds the movie to a screeching halt.

The characters, save Tim Curry’s Wadsworth, are serviceable but not developed all that much in favor of letting the focus be on this small space.

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Then There Were Fewer Georgia

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