Bad Ideas Department One

The Ochelli Effect 8-19-2019 Joseph L. Flatley (Jim Derogatis Interview)

This is a new series of shows we are presenting driven by interviews conducted by Author Joseph L. Flatley. The Bad Ideas Department: Audio section.

The intent is to provide deeper insights into the process of interviewing a variety of persons of interest. We will get to hear the recorded interviews Mr. Flatley records in his unique fashion along with commentary after listening to them.

You’ve seen the headlines regarding the underage girls that were abused by R&B Star R. Kelly. In episode one we hear from the music journalist who worked for decades on the story that has sparked comedy writers to create and in recent months federal charges to be filed against the singer.

In the second hour, Chuck and Joe explore the contents of the interview and wind up talking about many topics. The culture and many subcultures require examination as the Joe and Chuck cover Charles Manson, Rock Legends, Sexual abuse, Cults, and all the people that should have blown the whistle along the way.

Jim Derogatis is the author of Soulless the Case Against R. Kelly, a remarkable expose on the dark underbelly of the beast that is fame and hero-worship in America.

We hope you enjoy and learn from this episode of Bad Ideas Department, and look forward to the episodes that follow.

Never forget, we are talking about nearly 50 known victims in the R. Kelly Saga.

Bad Ideas Department One

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Bad Ideas Department One

Bad Ideas Department One

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Bad Ideas Department One – The Ochelli Effect 8-19-2019 Joseph L. Flatley (Jim Derogatis Interview)