Ted Metz for governor 2018

The Ochelli Effect 6-6-2018 Ted Metz

Chuck has allowed few politicians to appear on the show. Ted Metz is running for Governor in Georgia. In an unscripted conversation, Chuck examines the views of the Libertarian candidate in unique Ochelli style.
What would Ted do his first day in office? How corrupt are most political candidates? How have police shifted from peace officers to policy enforcers? What is the definition of Libertarian?
Does the media in Georgia look like it’s giving any coverage to parties outside of the big two? What should people know about the “law”? Cannabis should not be a crime.
Chuck plans to bring updates to Ted Metz progress throughout the campaign. From now until November we hope to track and report on whatever may come.
Representatives serving the will of the people sounds like a fairy tale nowadays, but Ted may be one potential Governor we have encountered that believes in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the people of Georgia.
Next time we may take phone calls.

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Ted Metz for governor 2018

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Ted Metz for governor 2018