Technical Difficulties Friday Ochelli

The Ochelli Effect 12-20-2019 Chuck Solo

Technical Difficulties Friday Ochelli

Is mutant weed the beginning of the Zombie apocalypse? Is Kanye about to massage some lasagna before joining ISIS? Should Christianity be re-named Hypocrisy? What would Jesus do?

Chuck did a solo show covering the new space race, Christianity Today having beef with Trump, and the origins of Facebook’s power.

Perhaps the impeachment needed to be left out of the discussion, but it still reared its ugly head. Chuck also tried to remind people that Karmic checks are rarely cashed but well-worth writing.

Creative accidents provided some of the diverse material for this show from the LIVE chatroom. Asre you still entertained? If Thanos snapped his fingers and all the Trumps went away we think it may be worth it!

We hope you enjoyed this solo show and have seen the changes in The Ochelli Effect lately as positive. The news is mostly a waste of energy lately, but if you feel we have not been covering enough of it please let us know. Also we take all suggestions about content from listeners.

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Technical Difficulties Friday Ochelli

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Technical Difficulties Friday Ochelli – The Ochelli Effect 12-20-2019 Chuck Solo