Target V Mission Statement

The Ochelli Effect 8-9-2019 V

What is a targeted individual? How does someone describe the process of discovery regarding psycho-kinetic weapons and their application?

V is a broadcaster and has an interesting personal story to offer. Will listeners believe what V is saying? Does this all sound like a mental disease, or is the fantastic allegation another case of reality being much stranger and darker than fiction?

V explained the interlocking weapon systems deployed against targeted individuals but we suggest you do your own research on the subject.

Chuck did not seek to endorse or debunk the narrative presented. This is a topic we have not explored much on the show but would like to hear from listeners if we should explore this more. V has already agreed to return another time to discuss other issues and this subject.

Let us know if you want to hear more.

Target V Mission Statement


Target V Mission Statement

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Target V Mission Statement – The Ochelli Effect 8-9-2019 V