25 11, 2016

SPECIAL Pearse Redmond , Robbie Martin , Barry Prince November 22,23 2016

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Chuck appears as a guest on Porkins Policy Radio along with The Great Robbie Martin 11-22-2016 Then Drops in on The Big Puzzle with Barry Prince 11-23-2016   From Porkins policy Review @ Americanfreedomradio.com 11/22/2016 Tuesday - Today I am joined by frequent guests Robbie Martin and Chuck Ochelli for the second hour. Robbie and [...]

3 11, 2016

11/02/2016 Wednesday – Sherri Wisdom , Barry Prince & Michael Schratt Black Magik and Ops

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11/02/2016    Wednesday - Sherri Wisdom , Barry Prince & Michael Schratt Hour 1: Children as Prey for the Elites and random distortions of youth with Sherri And Barry. Hour 2: The Black Ops in the Military Industrial Complex with the Host of "That's Classified" Michael Schratt. U.F.O.'s Black Budgets, and Black Magic in two hours.  

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