Systemic Pandemic Reaction Solution

The Ochelli Effect 7-16-2020 Glenn Viklund and B Pete

Systemic Pandemic Reaction Solution

Glenn Viklund is an economist from Sweden. He has been on the show before, and even appears in the JFK Myths Series.

Chuck and Glenn discussed racism, COVID19, and healthcare as an industry. This was not the intended use of the first hour, but nothing is ever scripted on The Ochelli Effect.

The first hour went by fairly quickly.

In the second hour, B Pete joined the discussion and again discussions about healthcare and COVID19 dominated the hour.

It was a unique Thor’s Day on the show and the conversation might be well worth consideration. Near the end of the show, Chuck and B Pete also threatened to show up at an upcoming conference if travel restrictions do not prevent them from doing so.

Is there any end to the debate of the long and short masks?


Glenn Viklund


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July 31, 2020

Systemic Pandemic Reaction Solution – The Ochelli Effect 7-16-2020 Glenn Viklund and B Pete

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